Web Accessibility Statement

Our Commitment to Website Accessibility

VOICe has strived to create a website that is accessible as possible for all of our visitors. If you have any feedback or any problems in accessing information on this site, please contact us.

Standards Compliance

This site has been built to comply with web standards guidelines, using XHTML and CSS. We have followed the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the federal goverment's Section 508 guidelines for website usability.

Examples of Accessibility Techniques

Here are some examples of the ways in which we have made our site accessible:

  • We use HTML headers and alt tags throughout the site to help visitors using screen readers. No javascript has been used in the basic navigation of our site.
  • We have utilized div tag layers for layout purposes and have added labels to tables where appropriate.
  • We have used relative text sizes so that text size may be adjusted by the user as desired.
  • We use PDF Documents sparingly and provide a link to the third-party software, Acrobat Reader, needed to view the documents.

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