Work remains to end violence in Pennsylvania:

Our work continues.  Here is a recent article from PennLive regarding Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and sister agencies such as VOICe.

Federal Housing Discrimination Lawsuit filed on behalf of a domestic violence victim.

For more information on domestic violence and sexual assault awareness, visit:

PCADV, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

PCAR, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

Why we wear Thursdays in Black?

Thursdays in Black is part of an international movement to demand a world without rape and violence. It has originated from ‘Women in Black groups, which have formed over the past twenty years in Argentina, Bosnia and Israel. These groups include Argentinean mothers who gather every Thursday in silence to protest the loss of loved ones under the military dictatorship, women who expressed outrage at the rape-death camps in war torn Bosnia, and women who opposed the Israeli occupation of West Bank and the abuse of the Palestinians.

The voices of ‘Women in Black’ groups, alongside other peace and women’s groups have become part of a worldwide movement which enables the despair and pain about rape and other forms of violence to be transformed into political action. Groups have formed in many other countries, from South Africa, where Black Sash groups have protested against racial injustice for many years, to Korea where former Comfort Women protest the sexual slavery crimes of Japanese soldiers during World War 2, to Australia where the Thursdays in Black Campaign focuses on issues such as domestic violence and rape.

It is important to note that rape and violence are not confined to countries officially at war in fact, a war against women is being waged all over the world, and has continued for centuries. Its weapons include domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, incest, murder, female infanticide, genital mutilation, sexual harassment, discrimination, prostitution and pornography. In short, sexism.

If you are interested in starting a Thursdays In Black at your place of work or organization, please call us.  We have pins available for purchase. 



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